Beggar at the Feast

By Fengar Gael

Beggar at the Feast:

Reamus Skrolls, an esteemed elderly dramaturg, returns to earth to witness the consequences of his untimely death. Instead of leaving a note, Reamus has left a lengthy play entirely in verse that features vultures who feast on the carrion fields of war. The play attempts to explore the value of humor, the triumph of imagination, and the perpetual folly of resolving conflicts through violence.




BEGGAR AT THE FEAST was given readings at New Voices of Irvine , the Long Beach Playhouse in California, the Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey , and most recently, at Turn to Flesh Productions 2015 Reading Series in New York City.

John Fitzgibbon as Reamus Scrolls.

The three vultures (note the masks)