The Cantor's Tale

By Fengar Gael

The Cantor's Tale attempts to create the most misogynistic character ever to cast a shadow on the stage. Prue Dimms, a priest, cantor and self-professed antiquarian, is the spiritual advisor to Duncan Albright, a talented young tenor who has fallen in love with a woman and is leaving the seminary to marry. Outraged at losing the soloist of his choir, Prue conspires in every conceivable way to destroy Duncan's engagement, uncovering clues to his repressed passion which takes the form of a shadow-self, an omnipotent troll who propels the action of the play in a brazen, bombastic voice.




The Cantor's Tale was selected for developmental workshops by the New York Stage and Film Company at Vassar's Powerhouse Theatre, the Kitchen Dog Theatre of Dallas, and most recently the New Jersey Repertory Company.


The Cantor’s Tale invites us into the heart and mind of a priest who turns himself inside out when he discovers his favorite seminary student is planning to leave because he has fallen in love.This well told tale of piety, envy, and self loathing, is a testament to the power of theatre to uncover truths about human nature than might otherwise remain obscure.”
   Eric Marchese, Orange County Register 


“...this is more than just another play about a misguided man of God. The most intriguing element is the malevolent sprite who personifies the priests inner demons.”
   Jordon Young, Los Angeles/Orange County Examiner


“The audience quickly becomes engulfed in each characters’ emotions and learns how much 
an inner voice can torment a seemingly pious priest... the troll elicits every conceivable facet 
of human emotion...the entire play flowed with a mysterious undertone that kept the audience 
on the edge of their seats."
  Isabella Konofalski, O.C. Arts and Culture


“In a world in which some believe you can’t be born without having sinned, it’s better to have some fun...Witness this production and leave your Catholic guilt at the door. 
  Amanda Parson, Orange County Weekly