The Cat Vandal

By Fengar Gael

The Cat Vandal:

The Cat Vandal is a full-length drama inspired by the Taliban's desecration of the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan, and the metaphysical assumptions of a hadith of the Koran that reads: "Beware the Day of Resurrection: the most tormented sinners will be the painters of pictures of living creatures. Souls that were breathed into every picture shall be freed, and the painters punished in the fires of hell." The Cat Vandal takes place in New York City at the trial of a jihadist desecrator known as "The Sunni Slasher" who destroyed paintings and sculptures in museums and galleries throughout the United States.

Full length play in two acts.




The Cat Vandal was given a concert reading at the Tangent Theatre of Tivoli in association with AboutFACE Ireland's NEWvember New Plays Festival directed by Paul Nugent, featuring Anna Nugent, Steven Young, Stefanie Frame, Audrey Rapport, Ann OSmond, Michael Rhodes, Jared Reinmuth, Greg Skura, and Steven Young.