The House on Poe Street

By Fengar Gael

When twin sisters inherit the house where Poe composed The Raven, their lives take twisted turns that affect the future of mankind.




The play was given a showcase production by the Yonder Window Theatre Company, Directed by Katie McHugh, music composed by Sheilah Rae, featuring Richarda Abrams, Tamara Geisler, Gregory Jensen, Daniel Light, Olivia Nice, Gadi Rubin, and Eliza Shea from October 27-November 2017.


“Fengar Gael has written a rich, layered text that satisfies on so many levels. It's addictive viewing as there are delicious cliff hangars and plot twists. It's marinated in humor and also offers exquisite discourse on everything from eugenics to gender parity. Your right and left brain gets lit up like an overachieving Christmas tree.”

--Jaci de Villiers,

“The sisters are obsessed with world peace. They blame testosterone and the patriarchy for all the violence, and they feel the solution is in human re-engineering. To complicate matters, the house they inherited is haunted by a ghost they long to meet. The pace is lively and the segues between direct address and dialogue were seamless. The pacifist sisters with their incomparable memories can recite scary facts about weapons and death tolls, but it's all in character and adds a welcome dimension and credibility to this fantasy play with its spooky motif.”

-- Glenda Frank, New York Theatre Wire

"A tricky piece of work, living somewhere between black and romantic comedy...The strength of the play lies in the biological science it begins to examine...The playwright has a wonderful facility with Poe's work..,”

--Bill Crouch, Stage Buddy

“Fengar Gael crafts an intriguing story with impeccable dialogue...”

--Virginia Jimenez Times Square Chronicles

“The House on Poe Street is a delight!... the writing is gorgeous, fantastical, poetical, dramatic, creative, imaginative, intelligent... plus well-structured.”

-- Robin Rice, Facebook

“Such a fascinating set of characters and story! Great!”

-- Liz Amberly, Facebook

“This is a fascinating play and fantastic production. Congratulations!”

-- Jenny Lyn Bader, Facebook

“Really grand!”

-- Cynthia L. Cooper, Facebook


The official poster

The Poe actors on set