Touch of Rapture

By Fengar Gael

Touch of RaptureThe mystery surrounding an artist's legacy is explored in Touch of Rapture, a romantic comedy that celebrates the love of art and the art of love.




TOUCH OF RAPTURE received its premiere at New Jersey Repertory followed by a production at Theatre Conspiracy in Florida and a reading at Stanford University where the play was read as part of the National New Play Network Showcase of New Plays.



In this wonderfully creative comic-drama, imagination truly runs wild... The play is a brilliant display of character development...Although this world is clearly fantastical, it’s highly believable as well...
Gary Wien, UPSTAGE, An Arts and Culture Magazine, New Jersey


Touch of Rapture delves into the meaning of art — with a catch. Artistic possession and the nature of creation are just two of the heady themes Rapture confronts. Yet the play isn’t didactic...strip away the gallery politics, the greed, the critics and the hype, and what’s left
is magical. Gail reminds us that art is a calling. And we are all humbled before it.
Fern Siegel, ONLINE review, New Jersey


Touch of Rapture roars through New Jersey Rep’s Lumia Theater... leaving everyone satiated Gail's choice of locale affords her the right to take more than a few hilarious jabs at the eccentric Brits with her sharp tongue... Then add a generous dollop of delicious bawdiness and unapologetic lust. This play is a box of chocolates without the calories. Indulge!!
Maureen Nevin, Host, Restore Radio 88, New Jersey


...a fantastical allegory about gender and the rules of the game. Ms. Gail's play takes an audacious approach to it theme: the circuitous route to recognition and empowerment that women must take and their relationship with the men who unwittingly provide the way or put up the roadblocks. Touch of Rapture," ultimately wins us over through the sheer force of its fantastical conceits.
Simon Saltzman, US 1, New Jersey


"Touch of Rapture" is a true pleasure...very much worth seeing.
Milt Bernsetein, The LINK News, New Jersey idea really only comes together when it's in the right set of hands. Fortunately, the key-stroking digits of playwright Mary Fengar Gail seem to be the right hands...
Tom Chesek, Ashbury Park Press, New Jersey


You feel transported. This unusual play...examines the issue of art versus commerce and marketing, the jealousy artists feel towards each other, the way the art world (and society) ignores women, and the still pervasive problems of sexism. ... Presented as an allegory, this quirky and intriguing like a feast for the mind, providing numerous ideas to ponder and debate for days. Like any good piece of art, it is unpredictable and makes us see in different ways.
Nancy Stetson, Naples Daily News, Florida


...very entertaining, with a creative story line. A treat to watch the characters’ transformations.
Di Saggau, The River Weekly News, Florida