Sycorcax: Cyber Queen of Qamara

By Fengar Gael

Sycorcax: Cyber Queen of Qamara

In Shakespeare's The Tempest, the sorceress, Sycorax, was reported by Prospero to be deceased, but Sycorax is still alive, having waited five hundred years for the ideal technology to reveal the truth of her story to the widest possible audience: the World Wide Web of the Internet. While Big Brother was watching, Big Sister was waiting!




Sycorax: Cyber Queen of Qamara was given a concert reading as part of the Project Y Women in Theatre Festival and the Potomac Theatre Project Workshop Series on July 22, 2016 on Theatre Row in New York City, directed by Cheryl Faraone and featuring Bill Army, Neil D'Astolfo, Lily Balsen, Mari Vial Golden, Cori Hundt, Jeanne LaSala, Joshua Malin, and Ana Reeder.