Gift of Forgotten Tongues

By Fengar Gael

July 22 nd, 2016

GIFT OF FORGOTTEN TONGUES: A young linguist-savant is hired to translate the arcane speech of two patients undergoing an evolutionary metamorphosis, the shocking result of a genetic experiment gone awry.




Earlier versions of the play received staged reading as part of NYU’s “hotINK” Series at the Tisch School  of the Arts and at the Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey. The play was given scene by scene readings  at the Playwrights Gallery of New York City, and is being produced by the Venus Theatre of Laurel, Maryland, from September 5th through September 28th, 2013.




“In a new hybrid genre, the Venus Theatre presents a science fiction thriller...this production delves into the uncharted waters of human evolution as only a science fiction piece can. Gael’s story is unique, an enticing idea that really grips the audience and draws you into the tale as it unwinds. While there’s confusion aplenty as the story builds, it is the compelling sort of confusion that makes you take interest, leaving you with a burning desire to untangle what you’re experiencing until the result is revealed... The perfect balance of futuristic technology blended with human ethics comes together in this play. Rich characters and an exhilarating plot keep the story compelling for the audience.”
-- Amanda Gunther, D.C. Metro Theatre Arts


"Gift of Forgotten Tongues is consistently involving...the ideas expressed and the story make 
it a journey definitely worth taking.”
-- Steven McKnight, D. C. Theatre Scene


"If you like sci-fi mixed in with surreal choreography and a complicated father-daughter relationship, you’re going to love Gift of Forgotten Tongues...with characters skillfully pulling the audience into their troubled lives.”
-- Gwendolyn Glenn, Baltimore Sun